Jan 30

Something to look forward to!

I’m hearing from more and more friends, writers and nonwriters alike, that they’re having to make age-related adjustments. For some, it’s learning to dictate instead of using a keyboard. For others, it’s special glasses or operations or new diets.

My own thumbs have been giving me “issues” for several years now. I finally figured out that pressure point and massage helps. If that helped, then what else could I do to . . . maybe . . . exercise my thumbs?

One evening I thought about crocheting. I used to crochet a lot, but haven’t picked up a needle in years. I decided to give it a go — and it worked! I still have to be careful when picking things up, but overall, my thumbs feel much better!

Unfortunately, while crocheting is like riding a bike — once you learn, you never forget — the intricacies of crocheting, i.e. tightness of stitches, etc, need to be relearned . . . or refigured . . . or whatever.  I started with headbands — for giants. Ripped out the first ten. Finally, ended up with a decent-sized headband just in time for Christmas.

Then I tried beanies. And ended up with a beanie that fits a beanie baby! It was supposed to fit a young child. Back to the crochet board. Playing with different size hooks, different weight yarn, looseness of stitches, etc. Having fun doing it!

Which is what I try to remember when writing–play, not work is what makes me sit down at the keyboard. The subject may not always be “fun,” but the process is always satisfying.

Writing the sequel to Night of the Clockwork Dragon is proving challenging, but I love the characters, love their stories, love the process of getting the stories in my head down in a manner that reflects that story to someone reading about Abby Crumb and her friends.  The sequel is almost finished, but the series has just begun. Daunting, yes. Something to look forward to, definitely!

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