Bots to Bullets – Synopsis

If someone called you in the middle of lunch and told you to get out of town, would you go?  What if that same someone claimed your husband had just been murdered and that you and your stepson were next?


Kate Ramsdell’s a squeaky-wheel-gets-the-grease kinda gal.  During the week she’s an administrative assistant, one of the best in Tucson, Arizona, but come the weekend Kate takes off her typing gloves and goes…

Extreme mountain biking.

With her husband and stepson.

Until two years ago when Kate found out she had breast cancer.  That put an end to the extreme kind of biking.

For the moment.

Now the cancer’s in remission and all Kate wants is to help her stepson plan his wedding.  After all – he’s going to marry her best friend’s daughter.  How much fun is that!

The fun turns tragic when lunch is interrupted by a phone call from a nutcase in Montana named Jackson Miles, a voice from her husband’s computer geek past. Miles insists her husband Dave is dead and that Kate and her stepson are in danger.

If she and Travis don’t leave town immediately, their lives may be forfeit.


If it weren’t for the promise Kate made her husband long ago – the promise to take Jackson Miles’ advice if and when it were ever offered – Kate would’ve hung up the phone.

Instead, she packs her bags, thinks up a lie to get Travis in the car, and tries to disappear.

Only disappearing isn’t as easy as Kate expected.

When someone tries to blow off her head in a tiny roadside café, she decides they have to go deeper under cover and the only one who can help them is Miles.

But can she really trust a man when she gets shot at every time he shows his face?

Bit by bit, her husband’s dark past reveals itself, sending both Kate and Travis on the downhill ride of their lives with twists and turns no one can predict.

Not even the enigmatic Jackson Miles.

Dodging a mysterious nemesis who seems to know their every move, Kate and Travis head north while  Miles untangles the events surrounding his friend’s death.

Then halfway between New Mexico and Chicago the pursuit suddenly stops.  They’ve won the game.  Time to get their lives back together.

Of course, Jackson Miles has to show up like a rotten banana and spoil the fantasy.  It seems Travis has been sending covert messages to his love, messages that were intercepted by the people trying to kill them.

Now Kate’s soon-to-be daughter-in-law is heading  into the jaws of a deadly trap.  A trap only she and Travis can stop from springing.

With Jackson’s help, of course.

In a soul-chilling move that delivers them to the enemy’s front door, Kate and Travis race to Chicago, determined to stop the kidnaping, and come face to face with her nemesis: Allegra Rodriguez.

Her husband Dave’s ex-lover.

A woman whose skill with computers is only bested by her hatred of everything Dave.

A hatred that’s finally come home to rest.


Determination and guts – a combination honed to a fine edge by the extreme biking and tempered by her battle with cancer – stand Kate in good stead during a heart-stopping confrontation that threatens to shatter the Ramsdell family for good.