Abby Crumb

Abby Crumb and the Night of the Dying Moon


imagesMelting noses, withering limbs—growing up the daughter of a necromancer prepares one for anything.

Surviving Mother, Rule #1: Never say no to a sorceress. When Abby’s necromancer mother pulls Abby out of finishing school with an “invitation” to visit her in the States, Abby’s ship flounders in a storm, delaying her arrival by almost a month. When she finally arrives, she finds herself alone in the mud and fog, facing cut throats and brigands. All preferable to facing Mother’s displeasure.

Mother hates to be kept waiting.

Abby Crumb and the Night of the Golden Pea delivers a spine-tingling, white-knuckled adventure in which no one is safe and everything is—weird.

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