Nov 06

Time to Rock and Roll!

We’ve been reading Mark Twain Himself by Milton Meltzer, an enjoyable and enlightening read. I didn’t know that Clemens held out for royalties (5%) instead of selling all rights to Innocents Abroad! Smart man, though he had his ups and downs. As his daughter Susy put it: “He has the mind of an author exactly, some of the simplest things he can’t understand.”

I often feel like the simplest things slip by me, especially when I’m deep into story writing. Things like washing the same dish three times while sussing out a scene or putting a knife in the fridge — because that’s that silverware drawer, right? A little over a week ago, I was privileged to listen to Kevin Anderson talk about how he dictates his novels and stories while hiking. I’m really tempted to give that a try — with a border collie to herd me away from the cliffs and watch for snakes!

Fall is here with Winter (yep, that’s a capital W) looming. Putting the final touches on Abby Crumb: Night of the Golden Pea and its companion novels! I’m really excited about this series–it’s been fun to write and a definite learning experience. The third in the series is more than halfway done (concept cover pictured on left-a work in progress, too!). Time to rock and roll!

Now, where did I put that chainsaw??

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