Mar 13

Full Moon Rising

It seems as though the past seven or eight months has passed in a blur. I’ve been writing and submitting, had some acceptances, finally finished and indie published It Ain’t No Bull (an ongoing project for wayyy too long) all while dealing with the passing of my father and a totally crazy winter. Winter has taken a breath, giving me a chance to step back and take a look at where things are in the Swanns’ writing/publishing arena.

Up to now, wrestling words onto the page has competed with wrestling with first mud, then snow and more snow and more snow, then rain and more mud. Our exterior landscape has changed and will take some work (once things get dried out) to get back to “normal.” The welcome appearance of Spring, whether it’s fleeting or here to stay, is accompanied by singing birds, green grass, and mosquitoes the size of helicopters (they must have formed a flotilla and ridden in on one of the recent atmospheric rivers).

Between mosquitoes and an inflamed hamstring, I’m “forced” to put butt in chair and fingers on keyboard (*grin*), resulting in more words on page. Upcoming novels include Abby Crumb: Night of the Golden Pea and  The Thirteenth Alchemist: a Myrtle Creek novel. I’ll be posting more on both in the coming weeks. I also have short stories appearing in Fiction River anthologies as well as several bundles this year. Definitely plenty to keep me busy!

Stay tuned for exciting end-of-the-month news as well as updates on survival on the “frontier”!




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