Jul 25

Balancing Act

20160724_091717[1]This is Fred. Charlie’s cousin. Charlie appeared in last week’s post, but was too busy to pose this week, so Fred stepped in.

Working in the greenhouse this past weekend gave me time to reflect on writing (surprise, surprise :). Growing a garden, whether outside or in a greenhouse environment is like any other creative process. You prepare the ground (get an idea, commit “research”), plant the seeds (posterior in chair–write!), wait for a bit as the seeds sprout (wonder whether or not what you’ve written is good), eliminate the weeds and nurture the new growth (edit/redraft/first reader), harvest the bounty (turn story/novel loose on the world!).

And along the way there are those who will hinder–aka aphids, spider mites, ground squirrels (critics, especially those inner critics)–and those who will help (praying mantis, lady bugs (true fans).

Being successful involves letting the helpful be helpful and determining a way to lessen the impact of the hinderers.

I used to freak out at the first sign that something harmful was in the greenhouse. Happened again just a few weeks ago, when we found the spider mites spinning their nasty little webs. Tiny critters, yes, but they can cause massive destruction. Time to race down to the nursery and load up on ladybugs, order praying mantis cocoons…

Then I started seeing ladybugs and praying mantis — Nature balancing the good with the bad.

This next few months will see more of my writing “come to light.”


Visions of the Apocalypse, a Fiction River anthology containing my short story, “The Story That Has To Be Written,” released this past Friday! It is an honor to be in this terrific anthology, edited by the inimitable John Helfers, with fantastic authors like Anthea Sharp, Paul Eckhart, Travis Heerman, and many others! I think this is one of the most difficult stories I’ve ever written and am so pleased that John liked it enough to include in this awesome anthology!











The bundle my short story, “The Girl With the Candy Cane Legs” just appeared in has acquired a second life! Fantasy in the City is still available as a bundle on Amazon, B&N.com, and Kobo, and will be the featured special in the upcoming Kobo special even running Aug. 1 – 5! If you haven’t gotten a copy of this awesome bundle, hop on over to your favorite ebook retailer and pick up a copy now!










Keep an eye out for my new Abby Crumb novel! Abby Crumb and the Night of the Golden Pea is a steampunky, Weird West story filled with wacky characters who find themselves on an adventure that could only happen to Abby Crumb!

Abby will be followed by the first Myrtle Creek novel (co-written with son, Brandon)– The Thirteenth Alchemist. Myrtle made his first appearance in Fiction River’s Alchemy & Steam, published last year.

Both novels have been slowly growing over the past several years and are finally ready to see the light of day! Bringing them to life has been a real balancing act — balancing the “it ain’t no good” inner critic with the “this is great” inner fan. So many times the inner critic has come close to winning. I have finally gathered positive comments from outside sources to help get through those questioning times.

Gardening and writing — both take time, effort, and, sometimes, a little blood. Both definitely worthwhile!




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