September 2015 archive

Sep 22

My Husband the Ironman!

When training for the Ironman – they do tell you all about the in’s and out’s of training and about what to expect on race day, but they don’t tell you about the pain that follows :>) Jim’s doing “fine” but he’s not doing “well.” From his sinuses to the back of his throat to …

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Sep 14

Count Down

There is something I have to confess: I’m not a shopper. Never really have been. Crowds get on my nerves. Making decisions about purchases makes those nerves worse. So when Jim has something he wants to go shopping for, I’ll often wait in the car. If you’d told me I’d be sitting in the car …

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Sep 08

Valor is here with more of Jelly’s Heroes!

Yay! My second appearance in a Fiction River anthology comes with the origin story for Jelly and the Blobs – Jelly’s Heroes! Come along with Jelly as she figures out how to train a protection detail – of blobs :<). I’m honored to share space with the other awesome authors in this anthology, some of …

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