…to the web page of Louisa Swann, writer, novelist, and creator of all things fiction — well, almost all things. There are some places Louisa refuses to go.

As you will see, Louisa is the chaotic imagination behind a wide variety of writings, from Star Trek short stories to quirky fantasy, from humor-laden tales to dark, shadowy noir, the kind of imagination that resulted in nightmares when she was small, “stage plays” when she was a teeny bopper (do they even use that term anymore?), angst-filled poetry in her teens, and short stories and novels when she finally realized that same imagination could actually prove useful. Modern “country/western” comes to life under the pen name Jonesey Carlson and dark fantasy/noir under the pen name Lisa Gaines.

While the stage plays and poetry have long since dissolved into the ashes of history, the stories and novels can be found among the pages that follow with new material evolving daily. Enjoy and may the thrill of reading illuminate your darkest corners!

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Time – A Contemplation

In some ways, it’s hard to believe almost a year has gone by since Jim was training for Ironman Lake Tahoe. In other ways, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since he was training. Yesterday, he went back in the water for the first time since the event last September and did …

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Tending the Garden

 I always dread being gone for too long when the greenhouse is going full bore. I never know what I’ll come back to. It only takes a few days before the growth reaches the point where maintenance requires more hours than I can give. This time I was gone for five days. Just before leaving, …

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Balancing Act

This is Fred. Charlie’s cousin. Charlie appeared in last week’s post, but was too busy to pose this week, so Fred stepped in. Working in the greenhouse this past weekend gave me time to reflect on writing (surprise, surprise :). Growing a garden, whether outside or in a greenhouse environment is like any other creative …

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greenhouse companion

No Coincidences

No such thing as coincidence. Recent experience put the lie to that statement (an experience that has nothing to do with the critter to the left :). Mechanicals and I tend to live in awe of each other. I look at something mechanical and think, “Awesome!”  The mechanical looks at me and thinks, “Awe, here …

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Making of a Blob

  Brandon had the chance to use a friend’s 3-D printer (in exchange for fixing it :). Ran through several test runs, but finally came up with something identifiable — a blob! (Working off the illustration he’s created for “Jelly’s Heroes”) Just like anything else creative, the first go was very rough; the second go …

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